Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers in 2022 Reviews

When it comes to producing meals at home, yogurt is certainly not the first thing that springs to mind, but handmade is always superior. You are aware of all of the elements in the dish, and the taste is consistently superior.

Making your own food doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you have the correct tools. To create yogurt, you’ll need the greatest yogurt maker, just like you’d need the best cookie press to make perfectly-shaped cookies.

Thanks to the yogurt maker, making yogurt at home has never been easier. When you utilize the best yogurt maker, what may appear to be an impossible do-it-yourself task at home becomes possible. A yogurt maker keeps milk and starter cultures (the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt) at a consistently warm temperature for a set amount of time.

Although making yogurt is a basic operation that can be done at home, the yogurt maker you choose can affect how easy and successful it is. That is why we have provided a buying guide with the 8 best yogurt makers in this article. We strive to make selecting the best yogurt maker as simple and straightforward as possible.

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List Of Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers in 2022 Reviews

10. 8 Glass Greek Jars Automatic Digital Yoghurt Maker

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This yogurt maker machine is a digitally controlled kitchen device that ensures uniform heating. It has a unique body structure that allows for even heat transfer and lactobacillus activation. Furthermore, the 8 jars supplied provide the convenience of 8 different flavors at the same time. As a result, you may now produce any type of yogurt you want to be based on your preferences.

9. YM80 Yogurt Maker by Euro Cuisine

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The Euro Cuisine YM80 is your best pick if you’re searching for a cheap yogurt maker that does the job.

This one makes up to 42 ounces of yogurt at a time and includes a set of glass jars. (If you eat a lot of yogurts and want to make your next batch before eating your current stash, one Amazon reviewer suggests getting a second set.)

The small numbers on the side of this appliance indicate how long your yogurt must wait before it is ready.

8. Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, and Sorbet Maker Cuisinart ICE-21PK

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Okay, frozen yogurt isn’t the same as regular yogurt, but if you’re looking for a healthy treat maker, this frozen yogurt machine (which also makes handmade ice cream and sorbet) is a terrific option.

You can regulate and modify the sugars and flavors of your frozen delights this way.

Bonus: The entire procedure only takes 20 minutes.

7. Regular or Greek Yogurt Maker by Proctor Silex

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This model by Proctor-Silex would be the runner-up for greatest yogurt maker if there was one.

To begin, it includes an automatic timer on the top of the yogurt maker that turns it on and off as well as sets the cooking time for the yogurt you’re producing. The number displayed on the yogurt maker indicates how many hours of total cooking time remain.

This yogurt maker can make 32 ounces of yogurt in total. For convenient storage, the plastic container can be transferred directly from the yogurt maker to the refrigerator.

Finally, the yogurt maker’s storage container is dishwasher safe. The container and lid are both dishwasher safe, so after you’ve finished using it, you can throw it in the dishwasher for fast cleanup.

6. Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with Strainer

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This Greek yogurt maker by Bear is the last yogurt maker on our list. There are four 4.2-ounce ceramic jars and two 33-ounce glass jars included. The glass jars come with lids, allowing you to effortlessly store your own yogurt.

Even though there is no strainer included, you can use this yogurt maker to create Greek or normal yogurt. Heat the yogurt for 8 hours to create standard yogurt, and 10 hours to make Greek yogurt.

Another amazing feature of this yogurt maker is that it can make wine or cheese, which makes it highly versatile. Wine must ferment at a lower temperature (86 degrees) for 36 hours, but cheese must ferment at a higher temperature (140 degrees) for only 6 hours.

The yogurt maker’s front panel contains function buttons that let you quickly select the appropriate setting for your recipe. The temperature of the yogurt maker will also be shown on the machine. You’ll know what you’re making is fermenting at the proper temperature this way.

Glass jars can be washed in the dishwasher, but ceramic jars and lids should be washed by hand.

5. Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

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The Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker was created to fit on a small counter. This yogurt maker, which measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 10.5 inches and weighs 4 pounds, crams a lot of functionality into a small package. It comes with a timer for keeping track of your yogurt fermentation and a glass jar that fits neatly inside the outer compartment. Despite its small size, the Euro Cuisine yogurt machine can produce up to 2 quarts (8 cups) of yogurt at a time, which is comparable to the larger models on this list.

It also includes a stainless steel thermometer and a cotton bag for making Greek yogurt as a bonus. If you prefer to leave it on your counter, it also comes in green, red, and white, so you can pick the color that best matches your kitchen decor.

4. Lakeland Multi Yoghurt and Soft Cheese Maker

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Lakeland is well-known for producing high-quality kitchen appliances, and yogurt makers are no exception. I even consider it the best all-arounder because it can be used to produce both ordinary and greek yogurt.

Some machines make it tough to experiment with different components like honey or plant-based milk; however, the Lakeland multi Yoghurt maker makes it simple. This is due to the fact that you can choose temperatures between 25 and 65 degrees Celsius. Because you can set it as low as 25, you can create Kafir, when most other machines will be too hot.

Although most yogurt machines now come with distinct pots, which some people prefer, the pot from this one will still fit in your refrigerator. At the very least, putting everything in one pot ensures that the yogurt is all of the same consistency.

It is reasonably priced and has a lot of favorable web reviews. Given the foregoing, it’s easy to see why it’s considered the best all-arounder.

3. Greek Yogurt Maker Machine by Dash

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This DASH machine is ideal for making Greek yogurt in particular.

It can create up to two quarts of yogurt at a time and comes with two containers: one for fermenting (the “cooking”) and one for filtering in the refrigerator.

This one is compact (all of the accessories fit inside the base) and available in three colors.

2. Yogurt Maker Tribest A-YL-210RA

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You may enjoy freshly made yogurt from scratch in about 8-12 hours. You can use milk or soy milk, yogurt starters, and your favorite fruit or additives to make the perfect yogurt blend for you with this yogurt maker.

It comes with 6 tins, allowing you to make individual 6 oz yogurt cups or use your own large bowl to produce 80 oz of yogurt at once. If you want to, you can create enough yogurt for your entire family every night with this yogurt maker.

1. T-fal YG232 Balanced Living Yogurt Maker with LCD Timer

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Making yogurt should not be a tough process, and this yogurt maker makes it possible. It’s a basic gadget that comes with seven jars, allowing you to produce seven servings of yogurt in no time. The jars contain date codes that may be adjusted so you know when your yogurt was created.

Yogurt can last up to 7 days in the refrigerator. This machine comes with a control panel that allows you to choose when you want the unit to start. A countdown feature on the control panel lets you know when your yogurt is ready.

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