Top 10 Best Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges in 2022 Reviews

If you’re a beginning wine enthusiast, wine refrigerators have probably (certainly) caught your eye. But are they really worth the expense? And if so, what actually makes the finest wine refrigerator?

It is undeniably crucial to store your wine at a steady, controlled temperature (often between 45°F and 50°F for whites and between 55°F and 65°F for reds), which is the primary purpose of a wine refrigerator. If you don’t, the wine cork will expand and contract as a result of temperature changes over time, allowing extra oxygen to enter the bottle and ruin your wine.

Standalone wine coolers with horizontal bottle racks may store your wines at a constant temperature to avoid oxidation and taste alteration. Of course, they’ll also make sure that wines are kept at the ideal temperature for serving. Additionally, many wine refrigerators feature several temperature zones due to the diverse range of wine varietals and styles you may be keeping.

But even so, if you just have a few bottles of wine on hand that you’ll use over the course of a week, is it really worth spending hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars for a dedicated wine fridge? We asked some wine experts to respond to these urgent queries.

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List Of Top 10 Best Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges in 2022 Reviews

10. 32-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler by Wine Enthusiast

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Roman Roth, winemaker and partner at Wölffer Estate Vineyard, has discovered that despite having a sizable wine collection, he only needs a small wine cooler because the majority of the bottles can be kept in his dark, temperature-controlled basement. He suggests this small cooler from Wine Enthusiast. The chief sommelier at DB Bistro Moderne, Brittany Villafane, also suggests this Wine Enthusiast cooler. She informed us she loves the brand in general and that she appreciates how this particular model has two temperature zones so that you can keep your whites and reds appropriately and at the right temperature. For those who like to host parties, dual-zone refrigerators are fantastic since both white and red wines may be served directly from the refrigerator at their ideal serving temperatures. Last but not least, Chris Leon, the proprietor of Leon & Son in Brooklyn, shares these views. He claims that the Wine Enthusiast series of refrigerators is highly dependable and holds temperature really well. “My old one witnessed several transitions before passing away after six years. Well worth the money.

9. Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges

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Katie O’Byrne, the director of recruiting at Kitchen Culture and a former sommelier at Otium in downtown Los Angeles, purchased an Ivation 12-bottle refrigerator on Amazon after her collection grew beyond a few bottles. She says, “I’ve been really pleased with it. It was able to reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit after 20 minutes of being plugged in, which meant that I was onto my third batch. It’s quiet, small, and quite simple to set up.

8. Kalamera 24” Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges

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This well-liked Kalamera wine refrigerator with a 46-bottle capacity is packed with unique features, including dual-zone chilling, sliding hardwood racks, and a reversible door. This style may also be hidden beneath counters or incorporated into cabinets. It’s perfect for individuals who have modest collections and want to display their bottles while still keeping some at serving temperature for whenever guests arrive.

While many reviewers laud the fridge’s aesthetic and silent operation, some mention having issues with Kalamera’s customer support. Although this model is available in both black and stainless steel finishes, keep in mind that the inside lights on the fridge are unusually blue; although fantastic for some kitchens, they won’t go with every style.

7. Antarctic Star 15″ Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator

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The iGloo wine coolers are at the top of our ranking due to their reasonable price and excellent refrigerator size. Because of this, it is also quite popular among people. 12 wine bottles can be kept there. 4 bottles may be stored vertically and 8 bottles can be stored horizontally. You may adjust the temperature to suit your preferences and needs. It lies between 46oF and 64oF. Its operation is shown by the blue internal light. If you want a little wine cooler, I don’t think any other wine coolers can compare to this one when it comes to beautiful elegance. The stylishly designed curving glass door also looks absolutely stunning. My favorite.

6. Bottle Thermoelectric IVation 18 Coolers for Red and White Wine

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Ivation wine coolers have two functions, as the name implies. Red and white wine do not require separate wine cooler purchases. In comparison to the previous wine cooler, this one is bigger and more expensive. 18 bottles can be easily stored. From 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature may also be adjusted. There are six slots, each with room for three bottles. Because the glass door is tempered and smoked, the internal temperature is kept separate from the outside environment.

5. Danby Free Standing Wine Coolers, 36 Bottles

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Danby wine coolers hold 36 bottles of wine. It is surprisingly quite affordable. I’m curious as to why it’s so reasonably priced given how much functionality it offers. It has a chic appearance, operates quietly, and keeps the temperature steady. What more is required? perhaps the ability to control temperature? Not to worry. It also provides this. The range for the temperature is 43oF to 57oF. Despite being large, the wine cooler is well-made and has a good finish.

4. Wine coolers with a thermoelectric 28-bottle capacity from NewAir

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The NewAir Wine Cooler is perhaps the list’s most fashionable wine cooler. It features a door made of exceptionally transparent glass, and the rack itself is elegantly designed. Because the racks are adjustable, you may draw them out or in as necessary. It has a thermoelectric cooling system that lets you adjust the temperature between 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. On the top of the door is a digital display that is also present. You can easily handle the entire wine cooler with its assistance.

3. 18-bottle thermoelectric wine coolers from NutriChef

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For those who want a modest, inexpensive wine cooler, the NutriChef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is a perfect choice. Although the shelves are constructed in such a manner that it appears a little disorganized from the outside, this wine cooler is renowned for its incredibly silent chilling mechanism. It operates so quietly in comparison to other wine coolers that you don’t even notice it is there. All other features are identical to those of other wine coolers.

2. Koolatron Urban Series 20 Bottle Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges

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Looking for a thermoelectric wine cooler to keep your energy costs down and minimize sediment disturbances in your wine that is also quiet, small, and vibration-free? This Koolatron regular 20-bottle wine refrigerator, which costs about $200, has received good ratings and is one of the most cost-effective options we’ve seen. The Koolatron WC20 is a straightforward freestanding cooler with one temperature zone and five metal wire racks that are perfect for maturing modest wine collections. Despite the fact that this model lacks a compressor, several reviewers have voiced concerns about the internal fan’s loudness.

1. Ivation 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator Compressor

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This Ivation model would be ideal if you want a wine refrigerator with excellent features at a more affordable price. It features a pretty modest footprint and a sleek design with a black finish and a tinted UV-resistant glass door that won’t take up too much room.

Wine bottles up to 3 inches in diameter and 13 inches in length may be stored on this wine cooler’s detachable wire racks. This wine freezer has a temperature range of 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just below room temperature for red wines that are ready to drink and low enough for sparkling white wines. You have alternatives with this inexpensive cooler because it comes in single and dual zone variants, and both models include a lock to protect your wines.

The average “silent” conventional refrigerator has a noise level of roughly 39 decibels, thus this one is rather quiet compared to less priced wine fridges, which typically have noise concerns. Overall, it’s a decent option in terms of performance and price.

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