Best Outdoor Griddles in 2022 Reviews

You won’t want to use conventional ways again once you get the hang of using a griddle to prepare your meals. You’ll eagerly anticipate utilizing it again and again. Foods prepared on griddles are unquestionably delicious. You have come to the appropriate site if you want to learn more about griddles. Most likely, you long for the same type of culinary experience. You’ll need an outside grill to start, and in this list, we’ll explain what one is.

The majority of people’s largest concern may be that they distrust their own ability to prepare meals on a flat panel. Although using a griddle to cook is challenging at first, once you master the fundamentals, you will be passing down your knowledge in a matter of days. Additionally, you may practice your culinary skills using the tools that the majority of elite chefs use in your garden.

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List Of Best Outdoor Griddles in 2022 Reviews

10. PIT BOSS Two Burner Portable Flat Top Outdoor Griddles

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This Pit Boss gas outdoor griddle features a vast cooking area despite its tiny size, making it an excellent choice for more intimate get-togethers. A further benefit is the straightforward operation of the lightning-fast igniting mechanism. Because of its sturdy construction, this flat-top propane gas grill is like a tiny version of a typical big griddle. In other words, it is a miniature version of a regular big griddle.

9. Cuisinart 4-Burner Gas Outdoor Griddles, CGG-0036

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The Cuisinart 4-Burner Gas Griddle offers strong burners, a long-lasting cooktop, and lightweight construction. This griddle has a sizable rolled-steel cooking surface with 760 square inches of cooking area, four 15,000 BTU gas burners, and plenty of space for meal preparation and tool storage. It has an under-griddle rack and two sizable side tables.

The Cuisinart griddle differs from other griddles in that it has a leg design. Its curving legs include wheels that make it portable as a stand-alone barbecue or may be folded up to become a tabletop grill.

8. 18-Inch Table Top Gas Grill, Royal Gourmet PD1202S

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This Royal Gourmet tabletop gas grill and griddle is portable enough to take on the road for a weekend of camping or an afternoon of tailgating because it weighs only 24 pounds and is 23 inches long by 14 inches deep. It is run by a single 12,000 BTU gas burner that connects neatly to the underside of the control panel and burns a 1-pound propane gas canister. The grill’s porcelain-enameled cooking surface sits on four strong feet with nonslip bottoms.

A piezo lighter works well for lighting the griddle, and a straightforward control knob regulates the flame size. Drippings are collected in a greased pan that slides out, making disposal simple.

7. Grill and griddle set made by Royal Gourmet using propane gas

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Which is better, a gas grill or griddle? Why not both? For simultaneous use by two cooking areas, this Royal Gourmet propane combo model divides its cooking surface into a griddle and a grill. Each cooking zone has two 12,000 BTU burners and 292 square inches of cooking area.

The additional prep room is provided by two substantial side tables, and storage for cooking tools is provided by four hooks under the grill. With legs that fold under the grill for transportation, this griddle is portable despite its sizable size.

6. Blackstone Original 36-inch Outdoor Griddles from 1984

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This Blackstone gas griddle has 768 square inches of cooking area, making it suitable for big backyard barbecues or even commercial outdoor kitchens. This large cooking surface is heated by four strong 15,000-BTU gas burners, and the fat from all those burgers and steaks is skillfully drained away by a rear grease drain.

The unit’s powder-coated black steel frame can endure the weather, while the cooktop is made of rolled steel, making it a stable surface. The substantial griddle is made easier to move around by large casters. This griddle has two sizable side tables and a tray underneath it since there needs to be somewhere for all that food to go when it’s finished cooking. Additionally, essential elements include a paper towel holder and a strip of utensil hooks.

5. Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddles

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This gas grill’s flat top includes four push-button burners with separate controls that let you cook in four different zones. The body is composed of stainless steel, and the cooking surface is constructed of thick, rolled stainless steel. The grease catcher is located at the rear. Additionally, there are two side serving shelves, a chopping board, a paper towel holder, a broad shelf beneath that can accommodate anything from utensils to plates, and two lockable caster wheels. The grill costs a fair $386 at the time of writing, and more than 4,154 consumers have given it an average rating of 4.7 stars.

4. CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle by Cuisinart

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This tabletop outdoor griddle has two strong 10,000-BTU stainless steel burners, making it tiny yet formidable. It offers a 285 square inch cooking surface made of cold-rolled steel.

The griddle is substantial but portable, measuring 20 inches broad by 20 inches deep and weighing only 30 pounds. The griddle is supported by broad handles on the sides and can be lifted and carried with ease. A built-in hose connects to a 20-pound propane tank.

3. Cooker Camp Chef Flat Top Outdoor Griddles

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One of the best griddles on the market, this Camp Chef model has a great design, lots of cooking surfaces, and strong burners. For meal preparation, two sizable end tables extend from the sides, and there is plenty of room for storing culinary supplies and spices on two shelves beneath the cooking surface.

Due to its replaceable plates, which enable it to serve as both a griddle and a typical gas grill, this griddle is very adaptable. A handy rack accommodates a typical 20-pound propane tank while wheels on one end of the frame allow the cook to move the griddle around the patio or deck.

2. The Highland Portable Griddle, a country smoker

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This griddle from Country Smokers offers plenty of cooking area at an affordable price that’s just a fraction of what other comparable size griddles cost if one is prepared to give up a few bells and whistles. Its size is perfect for managing bigger backyard barbecues for up to 10 people since its 597 square inches of cooking space collects heat from four 11,000-BTU burners.

Outdoor cooks can carry this griddle on the go for tailgating or camping thanks to its foldable construction and heavy-gauge stainless steel top, which prevents rust and corrosion. Its low cost comes with several limitations. For preparation and storage, it lacks side tables and shelves. It is also without a propane tank holder, which makes moving it from one location to another slightly more difficult.

1. Cuisinart CGG-888 Outdoor Stainless Steel Griddle

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This stylish flat top grill from Cuisinart has a lot to commend. It has a 22-inch circle cooking surface, two burners that provide 30,000 BTUs of heat in total, an extra-large grease pan that siphons grease into an accessible bin, and more.

Its vented dome cover, which most flat top grills lack, allows for the possibility of steaming, roasting, and even baking, is another significant benefit. It has four wheels with two locking casters, a folding prep table, a towel rack, and a compartment beneath the grill surface where the propane tank may be hidden.

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