Top 10 Best Moscow Mule Mugs In 2022 Reviews

It’s highly elegant to sip your favorite beverage from a traditional mug. But what if this mug set has health benefits as well? Yes, you read that correctly. The Moscow mule mugs are made of high-quality materials that are free of hazardous components. In reality, it is beneficial to your health and can assist you in a variety of ways. Above all, it’s beautiful to look at and has an antique finish. To keep things easy, you may be thinking about which brand to choose. If you’re thinking of buying something, then read this article.

The Moscow mule mugs guide will undoubtedly point you in the proper direction. Now is the time to be wise and make the right decision.

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List Of Top 10 Best Moscow Mule Mugs In 2022 Reviews

10. Copper Moscow Mule Mug by Staglife

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The best part about these Staglife mugs is how versatile and customizable they are. It has a new look thanks to the matte black finish. In reality, it distinguishes itself from the rest of the market’s offerings. Do you prefer the traditional shiny, polished copper finish? After that, all that’s required is a little scraping to remove the covering.

Along with the matte black exterior, the rose gold rims add another appealing design feature. These rims are not only attractive but also quite practical, as the smooth rounded edges provide a chilly sensation. As a result, each sip does not dig into your lips. Above all, your chilled drink gives you a cool ice sensation. Contact with copper, on the other hand, improves the taste while limiting bacterial development.

9. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

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One of the finest aspects of this product is the lovely gift package it comes in. So, once you’ve tried any of your favorites, you may order another one as a present. To begin with, it has a base that prevents the mug from wobbling when placed on a level surface. Next, the new Moscow mule mug shape provides a great deal of solidity.

Every element of the straw has been meticulously crafted. The straw is slightly thicker and more polished than most other brands’ straws. Cleaning brushes can easily go in and out of the straw as a result of this. And you get a good drink each time.

8. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs by Gold Armour

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This Moscow Mule mug set includes four small cups, a copper jigger, and four copper straws, making it ideal for a party. There are no fillers or stainless steel linings, and everything is made of 100 percent pure 22-gauge copper. Because each mug is handcrafted by a master artisan, the hammering pattern will vary from one to the next, giving each one a distinct look.

The mugs have a tarnish-resistant, food-grade varnish applied to them. Plus, with somewhat smaller cups, this set is ideal for batching cocktails. Making beverages in a batch saves time when preparing cocktails.

7. Moscow Mule Mugs with Kamojo Embossed Pure Copper

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If you want to make a statement, choose Kamojo’s embossed mugs, which have delicate embossments of flowers, leaves, filigrees, and flourishes instead of the conventional decorative hammered finish. The mugs have a taller, slimmer design than the normal barrel-shaped variants.

An artisan in India meticulously hammers each of these embellishments by hand. The mugs hold 16 ounces each, making them ideal for any classic Moscow mule recipes (or try a spiked lemonade or Bloody Mary), and the wide, elegantly designed handle makes them comfortable to grasp.

A protective coating is applied to the copper, which helps to prevent the oxidation that copper is prone to over time (that means less time polishing, more time sipping). A complimentary e-book containing Moscow mule recipes is included, as well as two copper straws for sipping or stirring. These should be washed by hand.

6. Moscow Mule Mugs by Advanced Mixology

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The set of four mugs from Advanced Mixology includes artisanal wooden coasters, copper cocktail straws, and a shot glass for measuring vodka (or bourbon) in your favorite recipe. The mugs are handcrafted from 100 percent copper (that has been heated, tempered, and shaped), then hammered and finely polished.

Each mug is tarnish-resistant and designed to last a long time. The mug’s handles are likewise shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. Even better, this set comes in a white box, making it ideal for gift-giving.

5. Copper Krown Kitchen Mule Mug

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Two sets of Moscow mule mugs made of stainless steel and copper with an ergonomic grip are available from Krown Kitchen. As a result, holding your mug and taking cold, frosty sips is more pleasurable and less painful to the hand.

These are less prone to corrosion than pure copper mugs. As a result, they will keep their sheen and polished appearance for a longer period of time. In addition, the double-wall design keeps the drink cool for at least two hours. Finally, the clinking sound of the metals is not to be despised.

4. Purveyors of the ORIGINAL MUG, Old Dutch International

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Old Dutch is known for producing high-quality copper mules, and this one is no exception. You get four mugs made of genuine copper with no cheap metals added to detract from its beneficial properties and lower its quality. All of the cups look fantastic with the hammered finish. In all of its magnificence, it can grace any cabinet or home bar arrangement.

The interior is left unlined to provide you with the direct benefits of copper. As a result, the chilly temperature of the drinks does not simply transfer to the vessel. However, enjoy the refreshing and distinct copper flavor that these mugs provide.

3. Moscow Mule by Advanced Mixology

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For the price of one, Advanced Mixology offers you a set of four copper mugs. These mugs are constructed of copper and do not go through a robot or punching machine assembly line. Furthermore, these are handcrafted by trained artists who have spent years honing their trade. As a result, each copper cup you received from Advanced Mixology is one-of-a-kind.

You receive higher quality with these mugs, with no cheap elements like tin or nickel. When these come into contact with your meal, they are dangerous rather than helpful.

2. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs 100% Pure Copper 

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These mugs by B Weiss allow you to enjoy a pleasant cold alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Hosting a small party of longstanding friends isn’t an issue because they come in a set of four. These mugs are likewise handcrafted and feature a copper finish. It is, in fact, useful in a variety of ways.

Drinking from a copper vessel does have health benefits. Copper inhibits the growth of microorganisms, which is an interesting fact. As a result, it offers a distinct crisp flavor to your drinking experience. Above importantly, they will not easily lose their luster. It is coated with a food-grade lacquer that keeps them looking new and shiny for a long period.

1. Set of 4 Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

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Sertodo’s copper Moscow mule mugs are as good as it gets in terms of quality. Sertodo products are meticulously crafted from recycled materials by a team of artisans managed by founder Jonathan Beall in the brand’s Austin, Texas, and Michoacán, Mexico, workshops. While the mugs are made using ancient copper welding and hammering techniques, they have a contemporary look. Sertodo opts for a more angular, Southwestern take on a Moscow mule cup instead of the traditional circular cup. The handles are meticulously soldered on, ensuring long-term durability, and the brand uses high-quality copper, eliminating the need for chemical linings and lacquers.

Each mug is capable of holding 18 ounces of liquid. They come in singles, two-packs, and four-packs. They are on the pricey side but bear in mind that the brand employs highly trained Mexican artisans, so your money is going towards outstanding materials, hours of craftsmanship, and the quality of life of the employees.

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