Best Crepe Makers in 2023 Reviews

The French equivalent of pancakes is called crepes, which are thinner and typically bigger than the American-style fluffy pancakes. They are often folded or rolled and can be filled with both sweet and savory contents. Using a crepe maker, making crepes at home is simple but requires some practice. There are a few various types of crepe makers available, and each one necessitates the mastery of a somewhat different method. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and to make that practice even more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest crepe makers.

On-the-stovetop pans and electric stand-alone models are the two primary crepe makers you’ll find while purchasing. Making crepes might be done using a decent nonstick skillet with sloping sides, but a crepe pan’s distinctive low profile makes it simpler to spread the batter thinly and remove the cooked crepe from the pan. When you set an electric crepe maker, it will usually alert you when it’s ready to use and offers the same advantages with the addition of heat regulation. In addition, crepe makers have other uses outside of making crepes, in case you were concerned about this. As a stovetop or countertop griddle, they may also be used to cook eggs, tortillas, flatbreads, dosas, and even sear meats.

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List Of Best Crepe Makers in 2022 Reviews

10. Electric Griddle Crepe Makers Cooktop – Nonstick 12 Inch

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The NutriChef Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker can help you prepare dishes expertly. You may use it to create a large crepe and breakfast all at once because it has a 12″ electric griddle. The crepe maker has non-stick aluminum construction as well. This makes it a wonderful option for a reliable and simple to clean crepe maker. The hot plate heats up quickly and uniformly thanks to its 1200 watt heating element. Better more, the temperature may be adjusted using a rotary dial. You can easily manage the temperature with this function, enabling you to prepare food to perfection. An LED indication light on the crepe maker lets you know when the appropriate temperature has been attained. In order to cook the dish to perfection, it also includes a wooden spatula and a batter spreader.

9. Obtain a FREE recipe book from CucinaPro.

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Use the Cordless Crepe Maker from CucinaPro (1447) to enjoy delicious handmade crepes. It has an on/off switch for simple use. There is also a ready light, which flashes when the surface is heated enough to begin cooking. To manufacture thin crepes, the crepe maker includes a dipping plate and a batter spreader. Additionally, it includes a recipe booklet that helps take the guessing out of making crepes. The electric bass has a cord cover for tidy cord management. The heating plate, on the other hand, has a non-stick surface for simple cleaning.

8. Electric crepe pan with a 12-inch nonstick griddle.

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With this crepe maker, you may prepare delectable and scrumptious meals in the convenience of your home. It quickly and simply cooks excellent crepes with its 12″ non-stick surface. Its five temperature adjustments are an additional advantage. These make it simple to choose the ideal temperature for a variety of recipes to turn out perfectly. Another innovation that makes it simple to identify whether anything is working is the on/off and ready lights. Rubber feet are also used to add additional stability and security.

7. Moos & Stone Electric Crepe Maker With Auto Power Off

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With the aid of the Moss & Stone 8″ Electric Crepe Maker, you can make crepes of restaurant quality in style. It can effortlessly prepare tacos, chapatti, crepes, egg rolls, and soft tortillas because to its non-stick plate surface. Additionally, it has a temperature controller that makes it simple to change the heat settings to avoid burning. Another characteristic that enables quick meal preparation is a powerful heating element. Additionally, a one-press on/off button ensures simple use of the electric crepe maker. It should be simple for you to operate this device. The lengthy handle makes holding it simple. Additionally, for simplicity of usage, the crepe maker griddle may be positioned on the 360-degree base in any orientation.

6. 12″ Electric Crepe Maker by StarBlue

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We have this 12″ electric crepe maker from StarBlue. This model will be up to any challenge, whether you’re searching for a crepe maker for bacon, pancakes, eggs, tortillas, or Dosa. It has a hot plate made of superior food-grade aluminum. As a result, you can be confident that your cooking surface is secure and built to withstand repeated usage. The cooking surface is smooth and non-stick as well. As a consequence, you may experiment with your original crepe designs, which makes flipping meals a simple process.

The adjustable thermostat is another feature that adds value to the crepe maker. You may adjust the temperature based on what you are making so that you can utilize the preferred cooking heat by turning a simple rotating knob. A huge 12″ plate is also available. The end result is the capacity to provide substantial meals that the whole family can enjoy. The crepe maker’s built-in LED power lights make it simple to determine whether it is operating properly. To make turning the machine on and off more convenient, there is a clear on/off switch.

5. Crepe maker, Proctor Silex 38400 Electric

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Once you have Proctor-Silex 38400, you may make delicious and exquisite crepes at home. It has a 13″ nonstick cooking surface that is simple to clean and maintain. The machine has eight different heat settings as well. This enables you to regulate the heat level to the ideal one for a flawlessly golden finish. To regularly produce paper-thin crepes, you may anticipate receiving a batter cup and spreader in addition to the crepe maker. Better still, the device includes a generous spatula that makes turning and folding the crepe simple.

4. Enameled Cast Iron Crepe Pan with Rateau and Spatula

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Le Creuset’s renowned bright and vibrant exterior of this enameled cast-iron pan makes it a lovely addition to your cooktop. It may be used on all heat sources and comes with a wooden batter spreader and spatula. Le Creuset advises hand washing the pan rather than using metallic pads or abrasive cleaners in order to preserve its nonstick properties.

3. Health and Home Crepe Maker No Edge

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If you’re truly committed to producing crepes, you might want to invest in a higher-quality electric crepe machine. This one features a massive 1000-watt heating element for quick heating and a surface with a 13-inch diameter for cooking ordinary or giant crepes. Along with making two or three kid-friendly tiny crepes, other options include heating tortillas or flatbreads.

The crepes release from the nonstick covering with ease, and cleaning is also simple. Whether you’re cooking eggs or crepes, you may use the temperature control knob to get the temperature exactly right. When the cooking surface reaches the specified temperature, a light will turn on. It is simple to move or adjust thanks to the side grips.

The crepes may be made and handled with a wooden batter spreader and spatula. You might not want to prepare dishes that would leak liquid or oil during cooking since it would drip down the sides because there is no lip around the cooking surface.

2. 16″ Electric Crepe Maker, Waring Commercial WSC160X

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Once you have the WSC160X Heavy-Duty Electric Crepe Maker, you can rapidly and evenly cook a variety of batters. The machine is the ideal option if you’re searching for a sturdy and stable crepe maker because of its sturdy stainless steel base. Better still, it has carrying handles that can withstand heat. This implies that handling hot meals shouldn’t cause you to worry about your hands getting burned. The thermostat is programmable to 570 degrees Fahrenheit to provide flawless results while preparing various batters. Additionally, the crepe maker has a power on and ready indication light to let you know when it is switched on and ready to use.

1. Crepe Pan with Toughened Nonstick PRO

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Because it can go in the dishwasher, this Le Creuset nonstick pan is our selection for the simplest cleanup (although hand-washing will preserve the nonstick coating for longer). We appreciate that the handle is made of stainless steel and that it doesn’t heat up while spreading the batter with the accompanying scraper or by turning the pan. Additionally, it is light enough to flip crepes in the air and is induction safe.

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